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“Canberra", Australian Capital Territory. Considered the biggest inland city in Australia, Canberra is Australia’s capital. For this reason the state it is located in, is called the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). In the early 1900, the city was selected to be the capital above the other 2 largest cities Sydney and Melbourne. The design of the city was chosen by an international competition, which was won by designers from the USA. The design, inspired by the ‘Garden City’ concept, which means the city should have a self contained urban development plan, with a balance of residential, agriculture and industry, Canberra had generous amounts of greenery and was dubbed the “Bush Capital”. March 12 is celebrated with a public holiday as Canberra Day, when it was officially named back in 1913.

Although largely occupied by indigenous groups in the early 19th century, the census of 2006 found that only about 1% were from indigenous background. Over 20% were born outside of Australia and came from English speaking background. There is also a large migrant population from Asian countries bringing in a variety of cultures and languages to the city.

Much of the city’s workforce is employed in government administrative jobs and had a lower unemployment rate than the average unemployment rate across Australia. Another significant proportion is involved in military employment due to the many defense related establishments based there, such as the headquarters of the Australian Defense Force. Of recent, a number of software vendors have set up business in Canberra to service the many projects needed by the government sector. Plans are also been discussed for a joint venture between government and private investors to build a state of the art data-hub in the city.

The sister cities for Canberra are Nara, Japan and Beijing, China, a modern day concept which enables better terms in trade and cultural ties.

Main attractions in the city include the significant number of national monuments as well as traditional attractions. Parliament House is obviously the biggest attraction, with its doors open to the public for viewing. The Australian War Memorial, the National Museum and the Australian Academy of Science are some of the other significant institutes. The Floriade festival is a flower festival held in spring which is educational as well as entertaining.

The major cities nearest to Canberra are Sydney and Melbourne at 280 km and 660 km respectively. However there are a large number of suburbs within Canberra from Fyshwick to Belconnen.

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