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Northern Territory

The Northern Territory is nestled between, Western Australia and Queensland in the northern part of Australia, the Northern Territory has the smallest population of all the Australian states. The capital Darwin is in the northern most tip and is considered as one of the most remote locations of the world with local communities  scattered around the state in small townships along the Stuart Highway which connects the north to South Australia. The climate is varied across the state with the northern part having tropical weather and the central part having very limited rain, making it a desert region.

The population in the Northern Territory is considered to be the youngest in Australia with a higher number under 15 compared to the rest of the country. The main industry is mining of natural gases with tourism also contributing significantly.

The main attraction in the Central Region is Uluru Rock. A spiritual place for the local aboriginal's, this majestic rock and its surrounds showcases some of the heritage of Australia. Kata Tjuta also known as the The Olgas is a cluster of rock domes believed to be about 500 million years old. Australia’s largest national park Kakadu is located at a 3 hour drive from Darwin. Tennant Creek Region is known for lush grazing area's where the cattle industry has been well established over the years.