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Tasmania is an island state of Australia. Located to the south off the coast of Victoria, it is separated from the mainland by Bass Strait. The capital city Hobart is located to the south east of the island and is home for most of the residents. Tasmania was discovered in the mid 1600s by Abel Tasman, a Dutch explorer and was later named after him in the min 1800 by the British colonists. The climate is mild with 4 distinctive seasons. Almost 40% of Tasmania made up of National Parks.

Tasmania is varied from mountains ranges, rain forests to flat land. It is considered the most mountainous state and also has one of the largest rainforest area in the Australia. Natural resources, mining and agriculture are the key economic drivers with tourism also expanding since 2000, with new initiatives to develop the area as a tourist destination.

The East Coast region has multiple parks, Mount William, Douglas-Apsley National Park and spectacular Freycinet National Park, Maria Island national park just to name a few. Launceston region in the north are known for there vineyards and agricultural produce. The Western Wilderness is where you can see the breathtaking view of the reflection of Cradle Mountain on Dove river and enjoy the scenery on foot or bike.